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On the Planning With Kids website, Nicole Avery writes, "I try to encourage my children to dress independently and this means having their drawers and wardrobes easily accessible." The Early Childhood Education website states that "Children must learn to dress themselves: a very important aspect to gain autonomy, feel more independent and strengthen their self-esteem." One of their Tricks and Fun Tips is dressing up dolls so kids get familiar with how clothing looks. How We Montessori.com says, "If the...drawers are difficult to open...it can be really frustrating for the child and frustrating for the parent." Parents.com and Raising Children.net reflect these same ideas about the importance and benefits of children learning to dress themselves.

Our Child's Dressing Figure is a dress-me doll you can purchase that enables kids to pick their own clothes and see how it will look before wearing them. Our Wardrobe Closets come with an adjustable pole and our Cabinets and Shelving units come with adjustable shelves (extra shelves and closet poles available). Our Dresser Drawers are made with easy-open, ball-bearing full-extension slides that are durable and strong. You can see that we had you and your children in mind when we designed our products for you to purchase.

Now you can have it all, and save valuable space when you purchase our loft bed package with our modular under-bed units described above. You can also add a convenient desk under the bed for studying or drawing, saving even more floor space. Each modular unit serves as a pillar to hold the loft bed up and give it stability; and each modular unit can be turned all four ways and rotated between corners for greater versatility and usefulness to you and your child. Of course, each modular unit can stand alone as well.

UPn ATm products are resilient and cleanable. Our UPn ATm products are California CARB compliant and are practically formaldehyde-free. All surfaces can be cleaned with glass or citrus cleaner.

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