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Children's Dressing Figures
Children's Dressing Figures

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The UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figure helps you turn hectic mornings into UPn ATm mornings!

  • Lay out your child's clothes before bed time
  • Identify what needs to be washed the night before
  • Settle the "what to wear" discussion the night before
  • Encourage your child to be excited about getting dressed in the morning
  • Develop an evening and morning routine
  • Train your child to assemble their own outfits
  • Practice matching clothes together
  • Teach your child about fabrics, colors, textures and styles
  • Help your child plan their clothes for tomorrow's events
  • Help your child anticipate what to wear for tomorrow's weather forecast
  • Help your child learn to dress on their own

Your child's clothes are ready to put on first thing in the morning, or any other time a change of clothes is needed.

The UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figure's Polished Chrome "nose" knob holds up to 3 hangers for shirt, blouse, sweater, scarf, vest, jacket etc. The six durable clothes pins hold the rest: socks, undergarments, skirt or pants. Shoes are placed under the legs to complete the ensemble and simulate a fully dressed child.

Your child can use their artistic creativity to decorate their Dressing Figure with stickers or markers if desired. All UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figures are high pressure plastic laminate and are durable and cleanable with glass or citrus cleaner.

The UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figure sold alone (no extra mounting hardware) weighs 8 lbs. Also available with with mounting plate and hardware (10 lbs.), or on a floor stand with hardware (20 lbs.); please specify choice of Dressing Figure only, Figure with mounting plate, or Figure with floor stand when ordering.

Purchase extra Dressing Figures as desired as each figure can easily be taken off the mount and changed to another figure.

The UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figure comes in a delightful choice of colors to fit your decor or suit your fancy.

  • EBONY – Black adds a sophisticated touch
  • SNOWMAN – White provides a neutral setting for color coordination
  • OCEAN BLUE – Blue lends a cooling effect
  • SUNSET PINK – Pink brings a calming influence
  • LAVENDER – Lavender sets a refreshing tone
  • SUNFLOWER – Yellow invites you to begin a brand new day
  • CHOCOLATE – Dark Brown enriches any wardrobe
  • BUTTERSCOTCH – Light Brown complements most any color scheme
Please specify color choice when ordering.

Dressing Figure's "nose" knob comes in Polished Chrome only:

When mounted to a door, a free standing cabinet, or a room wall, the UPn ATm Children's Dressing Figure sits about 3.5" out in open space.

Clothing, shoes, hat and hangers are not included.

Item ships fully assembled.